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The IRS New Release, provides details of the additional steps that that IRS is providing to help people having difficulties meeting their tax obligations because of unemployment or other financial problems.   This assistance includes additional flexibility on offers in compromise for financially distressed taxpayers, a series of Saturday "open houses" offering taxpayers extra opportunities to work out tax problems face to face with the IRS, special outreach with partner groups to unemployed taxpayers and the availability of more information on a special section of the IRS website.
Taxpayers who are unemployed or struggling financially can find information in a new electronic tax center on the IRS Web site, IRS.gov. This special link has numerous resources including links to information on tax assistance and relief to help struggling taxpayers in one easy location.
Please post the link to this special IRS web site to your web page to help individuals who visit your agency web page. 
Electronic Tax Center for Unemployed
Thank you for your assistance and please contact me if you have any questions.

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